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Talent management

Programmes for the development of a personal career strategy

As we take the background of demographic change into consideration, we become aware that companies are competing for talented employees. How can a company succeed in engaging the best employees in a suitable workplace for their specific skills? And how can employees find the place that suits them best?

The DISCOVER talent programme involves employees who have been identified as "Promising Talents" shaping their personal career strategy and using the company as a stepping stone.

Talents are actively involved in personal development in our programme and they have the opportunity to explore various development pathways in the company. The personal development process is supported by targeted discussions concerning perspective and development so that individual career questions can be clarified with the appropriate manager and additional stakeholders.

Preliminary discussions,
initial situation
Perspective discussions,
new initial situation
I. Expedition Self
Where do I come from?
What is important to me?
Which are the values which give me orientation?
Where do I stand now?
What are my resources
How can I activate them?
II. Expedition Future
What is my vision of a good life and work?
Which decisions are to be made now?
Which questions are to be answered?
Which talks are to be held?
III. The Brand I
What defines me?
How do I appear?
Which benefit do I want to make?
IV. Network day
How effective am I in talks?
How realistic is my positioning?
Which perspective do I want to follow?
The Brand I
Network day