Kopfbild Komplexitätsmanagement

Self Positioning System


What is SPS?

SELF POSITIONING SYSTEM is a method of self management which uses personal intuition and body language. SPS will help you to develop your ability to navigate complex and constantly changing environments. You will also train your emotional intelligence at the same time.


What is the aim of SPS?

A deck of cards with 39 constellation cards supports you in working out what you truly desire and how you can become effective in your environment. You visualise the connections of effective factors in your personal situation or work situation. This enables you to become aware of contexts and effects and to develop courses of action.


How does SPS work?

You train to fit into an environment via the interaction of seven spheres of activity, referred to as "contexts" here: your history, values, skills, objectives, your social network, your role and physical and spiritual presence. You can make your own discoveries in the seven contexts by using the deck of cards. You will find questions which open up your search paths in each context. You can decide for yourself which questions are relevant to you. Perhaps you will also come across other questions which you wish to follow up. This will enable you to focus your attention and interest.


Why does SPS work?

Every one of your observations and every one of your actions is accompanied by a resonance of feeling or feedback. The emotional feedback provides important information which you can use for making decisions. By learning to sense these inner resonances you will increase the "depth of focus" of your perception. Decisions in complex situations will therefore become more accurate.