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Potenziale der Organisationsaufstellung Innovative Ideen und Anwendungsbereiche

Groth, Torsten / Gerhard Stey (Hrsg.), ca. 256 Seiten, Kt, 2007, ca. € [D] 29,95/€ [A] 30,80/sFr 52,–
ISBN 978-3-89670-543-3

Organisational and company advisers make more and more frequent use of the system constellation method if it is necessary to make problems visible and to reveal solutions. The requirement for professionalisation and further development of this effective process is growing to a similar extent. This volume brings renowned experts together who present their view of this method from the perspective of different fields of practice and scientific disciplines. Their contributions on the one hand emphasise the universal applicability of constellations for questions of strategy, marketing, production or personal development. On the other hand they make it clear that only people who have a sound knowledge of organisational consultancy in organisations as well as knowledge of constellations can advise companies successfully.

With contributions from: Dirk Baecker • Annette Gebauer • Torsten Groth • Bruno Hildenbrand • Gundo Lames • Lothar Nellessen • Luigi Pedrocchi • Claude Rosselet • Thomas Schumacher • Gerhard Stey • Johannes Rüegg-Stürm • Falko von Ameln • Katrin Wille • Rudolf Wimmer