Kopfbild Komplexitätsmanagement

Structural simulations

The inner images are transformed into spatial sculptures as an available resource within the forms of structural simulation. As an inner area of experience, images always accompany our decisions. We can make use of this unconscious resource. Conversely inner images can always be activated by "external images". This makes decision making processes and solutions to problems more manageable and transparent.

We use image associations, sculptures with simple materials such as Lego, the arrangement of symbolic objects in the room and people as substitutes for the elements to be presented. You use your hands to create your theme with materials such as Lego, Playmobil or wooden figures. This leads to a complete image of the situation which we can then examine from various perspectives. Contexts and connections often become immediately clear from a bird's eye perspective. While the sculpture is emerging, new perspectives develop, perspectives change and blind spots become visible. The knowledge which was previously intuitive takes on a form which can be discussed. Common communication about the structural image and the experience generate stimuli for change.

Possible solutions are simulated in a subsequent stage. Opportunities and risks are experienced in these simulations. Theories about contexts and possible solutions can be accumulated in the subsequent discussion.