Kopfbild Komplexitätsmanagement

How can we remain capable of taking action when situations are unclear?

The current discussion about complexity in management is determined by the slogan of the "VUCA world". VUCA describes the complex and dynamic situations in which executives have to make decisions:


It is harder and harder to plan for the long term as we are in extremely interconnected situations which are subject to constant change.
How can we assume an attitude which allows us to deal with the unexpected both flexibly and elegantly?

We cannot rely on our usual thought processes and instruments as new situations demand new approaches. How can we remain stable and curious in uncertain situations? How can we become experts in the unknown (Prof. Kurt Buchinger)?

Lots of different factors have a simultaneous effect in the relevant management situations. They cannot be figured out analytically and the old control instruments fail when they are applied to them. How can we get an overview without overlooking essential details?

We often have to deal with situations which cannot be assessed with complete clarity. A different aspect may appear crucial depending on one's perspective and this can require a different assessment of the situation. How can we manage to make it possible to perceive the messages which may be contradictory and to discuss them so that the subsequent key course of action becomes apparent?