Menschen im Wandel


We support executives, managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers …

As collegial pathfinders, we provide assistance in extremely problematic situations by finding solutions which may not be immediately obvious. As your sparring partner we will test your own suggested solutions from our external perspective.

You remain capable of taking action even in complex situations.

"You are an executive in a medium-sized company. You work a lot and your family hardly ever get to see you. You feel very responsible towards both the company and your family. How can you reconcile this? What are your needs?

"You are an employee in a small company. Things have not been going well for some time in your department. The atmosphere has got worse. Might this be down to the new colleague who started recently? Could it be due to the restructuring which has increased your workload? Anyway you don't enjoy going to work as much as you previously did."

"You recently became head of your department. Your old colleagues have become unusually distant since your role changed. What can you do …?"

"You want to make changes to your career. You are satisfied with your career progression to date but you cannot see sufficient opportunity for further development in your current position. You are looking for stimuli …"

"You founded a company and ran it successfully for many years. The thought of working less and preparing for retirement is a recurring one. But who will manage the company in the future? Won't a great deal of what you built up be lost?"

Do you feel a bit like this at present …
… and are you looking for solutions?

You are the director

  • We provide you with the space and time to allow your situation to slowly unfold.
  • Our questions can set you off in new directions when searching for solutions.
  • The comprehensive summaries which we provide will allow you to see your questions in a different context.
  • Our recommendations will enable you to experiment with new forms of behaviour which may result in a different attitude.
  • You will join us in evaluating the experiences which result from this change.
  • You actively shape your professional life as a systematic experiment.

What will you gain?

  • You will find solutions for your issues.
  • You will develop new skills and you will work more effectively and successfully.

How do we proceed?

  • We will select a suitable adviser for you following a free initial telephone consultation.
  • We will conduct a personal interview with you to gain an overview of the issues involved and we will determine the subsequent course of action.
  • You will decide whether to take us up on our offer. If you do so, a series of five meetings will usually follow.

Why do we think we can provide you with further assistance – We know the world of your organisation.

We have acted as advisers in change processes within companies for many years. This means we speak the language of people in commerce, local government and associations. We understand you implicitly and we can also appraise the perspective of other stakeholders who are important to you.

We provide you with the right partner for your questions.
The wealth of skills and experience which our many partners offer means we can provide a suitable coach for your particular issue.

We guarantee a high level of professionalism.
All our advisers have completed specialist training in their field and some of them also provide such specialist training. As professionals we are always striving to further develop our skills. We do this through regular mutual consultation with colleagues and further training with an international perspective.